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Transformational Therapy
with Marita Lyons

Marita Lyons

is an Accredited Supervisor with the Irish Board of Psychotherapists/Counsellors.
Double Rainbow

The Power of Renewing Ourselves

She works with

psychotherapist/counsellors, supervisors, supervisees, and tutors, hosting as part of their professional/personal development.

Transformational Therapy

is the process that Marita uses in her private practice. Being ever present to herself, clients and the in-between spaces, they work together in the Spirit of Enquiry for the good of All. Collaborative supervision infills her always with the creative vision of Life’s unfolding journeys of the little awakenings that shine light and bring transformation.

Be welcome

to explore these pages and see how Marita Lyons can help you in your quest for wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. Through breath work, dream interpretation, Jungian analysis, and Family Constellation Therapy, Marita’s professional experience is deep and effective.

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